My name is Luciano Giol and I am an Italian manager and entrepreneur living and working in China. The industry where I have built my expertise is highly technical and specialized. It is, in fact, the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder market, where I have spent more than 30 years as a manager and now as an entrepreneur.

But I’m not here to talk exclusively about cylinders, of course. My objective is to create a space where we can discuss a broad range of topics related to global business, foreign markets, management, sales, strategy, entrepreneurship, and more.

The idea came to me after I set out on my own back in 2012, because I realized there was a skill shortage in how to make companies go global, if they go at all.


In Shanghai I run a company offering consulting and trading services to my target market, which is not confined to a region or a country: it’s worldwide. Through this work, I have seen the market’s need for a professional who can lead businesses from local to international markets, acting as a contract or temporary manager.

My intent here is to share know-how and opinions with managers, entrepreneurs, professionals of all fields, nationalities and cultures to address a problem that still limits many companies, particularly those that are small to medium-sized: their trouble defining a global strategy and successfully breaking into foreign markets.

I will provide some valuable and quality information on the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder industry in a dedicated section of the blog, because this is my first-hand perspective on this field and because I would like to create a sort of hub for those of you who operate in this market.

The other sections will revolve around global business, sales and management in general. I will give my on-the-ground experience and my personal point of view on these topics. I very much hope we can generate some interesting and useful discussion threads.

Let’s get in touch soon!


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If you have any comments, input or observations, feel free to share them here. I’d be happy to know your thoughts.

Written by Luciano Giol