Over the past few months, I’ve taken on the challenge of writing an Ebook and, friends, it’s now ready to share! I’ve done a lot of research and also reflected on my life and career, gathering funny and meaningful memories along the way. It was a tough but also very enjoyable project, and I hope you will find the book useful and a pleasure to read.
I thought it would be a good idea to summarize the text in eight points. Why eight? Because eight is the lucky number in China – and China has been my golden ticket to success. Eight in Chinese is pronounced as ba 八 and it’s very similar to the sound fa发of the word facai发财, which means “to become rich”. For this reason, a cellphone or a license plate number with many eights, or the eighth floor of a building are regarded as good omens. Often, when people set off fireworks, they are displayed in the shape of an eight. The opening of the Beijing  Olympics was held at 8.08 pm on 8th August 2008. What a coincidence, no? That’s why I thought eight points would bring my Ebook good luck. So, very briefly, what are you going to read in the pages? I will give you my eight principles:

  1. Marketing and Sales play on the same team for the same objective: some Western countries, like the US, Canada and Australia, are ahead in this journey, but in almost all other countries the marketing value for sales is not yet perceived.
  2. We are in the age of the Customer. The salesperson must sell a Value; he/she is more consultative, collaborative and advisory.
  3. The effective salesperson m
    ust be a Challenger who teaches customers, tailors the sales message effectively and takes control of the sales process.
  4. cover okCompetition analysis and monitoring is at the core of each and every sales strategy: knowing the market is an essential skill.
  5. Soft skills are critical to success, in particular cross-cultural communication. The new sales professional, who works on a international level, needs to dive into the new country where he/she is sent: he/she needs to be much more competent in terms of language, culture, customs, as well as laws and market rules.
  6. The salesperson must invest in himself/herself. He/she works for a company, but success depends on the individual and the comp
    any can’t help but benefit from a person full of initiative and proactivity.
  7. Being perceived as the specialist in a sector or a niche is the best thing a salesperson can work toward: a personal branding plan is a good way to achieve it.
  8. The successful salesperson must always embrace innovation and change. Our world is fast (and furious!) and we have to keep pace with the times!

Have a nice reading, everyone! I would very much appreciate your comments, observations, and even criticism.

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