STOP COMPLAINING!!!   Complaining is not a strategy!!!

Post dedicated to all young people looking for a job or a better job.

I have met many of disaffected youth who complain constantly of their current situation. In many cases because they do not work or because the work they are doing does not suit them.

They complain, constantly, attributing always blame to external factors. The boss, the colleagues, the general environment, everywhere problems.

It’s true nowadays by reading the newspapers, TV, Facebook, we are bombarded with catastrophic news that bode ill for our quiet and peaceful co-existence in this world. The information now travels in real time and immediately a fact of chronicle happened anywhere in the world is immediately accessible to all.

Communication is now in real-time, FaceTime, Snapchat , Istagram , Whatsapp , WeChat , and a myriad of other applications are able to make us live in real time the ongoing tragedy.

All this negative events induce the feelings with negative emotions to all of us, as: fear, insecurity, disgust, anger, frustration, etc.

This is the reality today; I do not wan to justify the attitude of these young peoples who seek to move upon external factors their dissatisfaction.

Rarely the same thing happens for a positive event which also induces the reader the opposite feelings such as: security, confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, success, etc.

It ‘s true we are living in an era full of uncertainty!

As always in history, the greatest opportunities and decisive solutions to meet the most urgent needs of humanity comes from technological progress.

And thanks to the innovation and continuous research arriving the solution to the great existential problems of humanity.

Solutions that create better living conditions and alleviate most of the problems that beset us.

Internet has changed the world of communication; we have access to an endless amount of information that allows us to develop new innovative projects aimed at solving real problems.

Then how to do? What can we, each of us, do to help to create a better world?

I have given the following answer which I think might also be a stimulus to others!!

We’ve to cultivate the passion of curiosity, the desire to discover new things, to seek the beauty that surrounds us. But having said so maybe is not enough.

We’ve to begin to understand what actually we’d like, which passion pervades us and makes us feel good, and once identified expand it to infinity.

How to do it?

It’s very simple, we’ve to impose us to become the real expert in this specific subject.

Internet is available to us for free of charge to give endless information about this specific subject.

I do not remember who said the phrase: if you read one book a month on a specific topic after 10 years you will have read 120 books and you will become the absolute expert on this topic.

Well the world, the humanity now needs these kinds of experts, each in their own field of activity who has the desire to continue to research and innovate.

Certainly it takes a good dose of motivation and constant commitment, but as mentioned earlier, if you have chosen you to focus on a subject that you really like, I think dedication and commitment will not be a problem for you.


“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance”

Years ago it was unthinkable, now only if you really want to do, with an internet connection, you can discover the world, you can receive free all the information you need on a specific topic, without traveling, but just sitting comfortably in front of your Tablet.

In the past weeks I met many young peoples who complain because they do not find a work or want a better job!!

The ritual question: But what do you really want to do?

The answer is really devastating 99% more or less answers are like this:

Well, I do not know exactly what I want, but what I don’t like what I’m doing now

Afterward they are starting telling me what they don’t want to do. So most of young people knows exactly what they do not want but they DO NOT know what they really wants.

This is a tragedy for our young peoples and I am referring primarily to my Italian fellows.

The situation improves when I put the same question in China, India, North America and North Europe, where a good 50% of fellows between 20 and 35 years old has already a very clear idea of what they do want in life.

When I started to work after the studies I had the same attitude of today’s youth.

It’s quite normal to start working from the bottom from the shitty jobs and definitely not rewarding. Obviously we complain at first, but if this complaint rather than blaming others opens new opportunity as growth stimulus, the situation definitely changes.

It ‘s always our mental attitude which affects our actions. For example if I think:

OK now I’m here, I do a job that allows me to earn something for living and this is positive, well, what can I do now to improve my condition ?

What do I really want to achieve?

In my time there was no Internet, that become popular only during late 90’, certainly I would have speed up and got results in less time

As written in my latest book: Search to become somebody in something!!

There are no more excuses now to continue to complain or to find excuses!!!

Get busy now !!! NO more excuses !!!

  • Find a subject you like
  • Try to learn as much as you can on this subject
  • Read books, internet, seminars, etc.
  • Try to expand and develop this subject. Dream it.
  • Think global, understand all related to this subject around the world
  • Open a blog and start to create your community
  • Be visible on LinkedIn and create your community
  • Exchange opinions and try to solve problems related to this subject
  • Work hard with passion
  • Be patient and stay focused
  • Continue the research; stay tuned to only this subject.

Good ideas do not need any external recognition. You’ve already all what you need to start just now. Especially do not let your financial situation, your physical location on Earth or the lack of any resource type prevent you from getting what you dream.

Want to live in the future? Do it through innovation! It needs motivation and commitment and you can really change the future of your community.

There are many reasons to give up hope. But listen to me, do not give up. Do not give up hope. Today the technology is on our side.

Within soon you will be recognized an expert in this specific subject.

Then your life will change and I’m sure will change in better.

You’ll get new jobs opportunity; peoples around the world will ask you questions or propose new business chances. Open your eyes, now. The world is big and it depends only on you to catch your path for a better life.

Hope that this post will inspire you.

Bye then

Written by admin