It’s September, back to work for the majority of us and for me the beginning of a new challenge. My new company, TRISTAR Steel, is now fully up and running!  You can read more about it here or also in this new blog category labeled MOTION.

I have decided to introduce the MOTION category on my blog because with TRISTAR Steel my focus is on components whose ultimate function is to generate movement. We produce only small diameters of hard chrome plated bars and linear shafts which are parts of final products like shock absorbers in the automotive industry, gas cylinders, actuators and pneumatic cylinders. All of which are mechanical parts that generate motion.

Working in this industry for 40 years I realized that the global market had a demand for high-quality small-size components which was not being met by supply. In fact, these kinds of components are mainly produced by small and medium-sized companies which can be defined as generalist, since they produce a wide range of products other than precision components. This means that they are not strictly focused on small-diameter components and that their manufacturing machinery is not specific for this type of product. With TRISTAR Steel, however, I have decided to considerably invest in advanced automated technology to produce high quality and accurate millimeter-sized chrome plated bars and linear shafts.

In this new section of the blog I will discuss how the market performs, what customers ask based on my hands-on experience with TRISTAR Steel; I will also discuss technical aspects of both the products and the manufacturing process. The aim is to create a sort of hub where everyone operating in this business or in the correlated businesses has the chance to catch up on the latest news, get informed and exchange views with each other.


If you want to know more about the Motion category, please get in touch.

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