I am a manager and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder industry. I have built my career first as a manager in leading companies in Italy and China and then as an entrepreneur, sharing my know-how and expertise with the players operating in this field worldwide. I am now running my own company in Romania focusing on the production and sales of small diameter hard chrome plated bars and linear shafts.

I started from scratch, with my father’s refrain in mind:

“Son, if you want to succeed, you have to become an expert in something.”


Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder business

Based on my long-standing experience, I am recognized as an expert in the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder business.

Flexibility helped me advance in my career in the first place. A.L.T.A. SpA, where I worked from 1976 to 1989, has been a pioneer in the Italian hydraulic industry and here I gained experience in different areas, from logistics to product management and customer service, before deciding that sales were my cup of tea. STELMI ITALIA SpA, a spin-off of A.L.T.A., acted as a springboard by appointing me for the first time as a commercial director, and I stayed with them from 1989 to 1998 bringing them to success: turnover increased of 35%, achieved by expanding sales to 50 different countries. STELMI grew and so did I. Over the 9 years of our collaboration, I started travelling the world to make deals and open commercial partnerships. I realized I had a strong sense of self-initiative, which made me feel at ease in new contexts and new places, like a modern business explorer.

And that was basically my future. I entered Marcegaglia Spa in 1999 as a general manager for their plant in Boltiere (Bergamo), which I completely reshaped: I put together a new team and realigned the company, which was suffering from declining sales and organizational troubles back then. Once returned to good health, Marcegaglia started to export from Bergamo to China and I did my part, increasing sales from 300 tons in 2005 up to 10.000 tons in 2007.
China proved to be a market that could be explored more closely. I saw big opportunities which I presented to the Marcegaglia family through an investment proposal. My project was not only accepted but also expanded to €200 million, turning out to be the biggest Italian investment in China at the time.

A new adventure in China

It was 2008 and I started a new adventure in China, where I moved permanently to oversee the establishment of the plant as a General Manager of Marcegaglia China. In 2011 the plant was completed and inaugurated in April in a big event attended by more than 1000 guests.
That was the peak of my career as a manager but I knew I wouldn’t stop there. I had by now a broad spectrum of competencies which I wanted to capitalize on as much as possible. I had learnt how to navigate different markets, cultures and situations, and how to effectively communicate and negotiate.

It was time to strike out on my own. In Shanghai in 2012, I opened my own company, I.E.S. China, which offers consulting and trading services to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder makers worldwide. With a database of more than 4,000 contacts, I.E.S. offers extensive specialized consultancy in this industry.

The latest challenge

There is a Chinese saying that “What doesn’t grow is destined to die”. I totally agree, and so I was soon ready for a new challenge. In March 2016 I opened a cutting-edge company in Romania, TRISTAR Steel, producing high quality chrome plated round bars and precision shafts for linear motion.

In the large production facility in Targoviste we manufacture only small diameters with technologically advanced and automated machine equipment.

That’s what the market is in need of at present: high quality and accuracy of the product. TRISTAR Steel is my brainchild, the result of an extensive knowledge in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder industry and of proven skills in the design, erection and management of companies.