I should be used after 8 years in China about the Chinese way of communication but sometimes also for me is getting difficult to understand completely this ancient culture, I’d like to share with you this post that may of interest if you’re dealing with the Asian culture. For centuries Chinese, but this is common […]


Stop complaining!

STOP COMPLAINING!!!   Complaining is not a strategy!!! Post dedicated to all young people looking for a job or a better job. I have met many of disaffected youth who complain constantly of their current situation. In many cases because they do not work or because the work they are doing does not suit them. They […]


An interview with Mr. Kalyan Kumar Paul, president of Tube Products of India

Lately I have come up with the idea of launching a new initiative in this blog: interview relevant people working in the world of hydraulics and pneumatics, with the main purpose of informing you, readers and followers, about news that may affect our market. I travel a lot, worldwide, to visit the main players in […]



With focus on the Hydraulic Cylinder Industry the following components are made by a Cold Drawing process: Cylinder Tube Piston Rod in many cases When a 75,000 PSI minimum yield strength is specified for the design of parts in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder there are several options for the material that will meet this regular […]

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In business is all about the WHY not about how or who

I will begin this article by asking you one simple question: Why is that some companies succeed in business and others not? They get to penetrate the market so fast? And whatever they manufacture they sell it over night? Why people love and remain engaged to them? What I came to see throughout my entire […]

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Over the past few months, I’ve taken on the challenge of writing an Ebook and, friends, it’s now ready to share! I’ve done a lot of research and also reflected on my life and career, gathering funny and meaningful memories along the way. It was a tough but also very enjoyable project, and I hope […]

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Why we need to change our B2B approach this year

We are all aware that a company’s sales are in the hands of the salespeople, retailers, key accounts and dealers. These are the vital intermediaries who will build loyalty in seconds and have the power to attract and convert enthusiasts. We all also know that repeat buyers are more profitable than acquiring new ones. They […]

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Is rating an accurate form for the evaluation of corrosion resistance?

In this article I will touch a sensitive but extremely important point with the aim of making you, my reader, start questioning the notion we all have taken for granted for so many years “rating for corrosion resistance”. I will encourage you to ask yourself this simple question: “Is rating an accurate form for the […]

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New economy: trial error is freedom

2016 has started with many complex dynamics all around the globe which contribute to increase the uncertainties about the future of new economy, work and more in general our life. We can read many different analysis that can lead to an exactly equal number of different conclusions. It is clear is that the world as […]

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Current Business Environment in Romania – 2016

Dear friend, in this article I will try to make an overview of the current business environment in Romania where I actually live and work. I hope to give you useful information for deciding to invest in this country or not. Romania is the largest of the countries of south-eastern Europe and lies on an […]


All you want to know about nickel chrome plating

Why and were to use nickel and chrome plated rods In extreme corrosion environments such as the ones close to a coast line or offshore platforms the passive oxide layer that covers the chrome plating is being attacked and destroyed in a much faster way than in normal conditions, thus allowing the corrosive agents to penetrate […]


All the secrets of a hard chrome plating

  In this article you will learn what a hard chrome plating is, how it is made, what is its structure and which are its advantages. Hard chrome plating is a technological process that ensures a product has increased wear resistance, reduce friction, and most important, gives increase corrosion resistance to a metallic product aspect critically important especially in […]

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Leadership or Management?

At a certain point in your career path, you are expected to have a set of skills that allows you to continue to climb the career ladder. Generally, if you are at the higher steps, management and leadership skills are at the top of the qualifications list. Their meanings are likely interchangeable for the majority […]

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Get the measure of your competitors

Any time you want to make new moves in your business, from introducing a new product line to expanding into new markets, you need to evaluate the competition first. That’s obvious and I take it for granted that everyone reading this post right now is routinely keeping tabs of their competitors – I’m right, aren’t […]


Is it still necessary to hire expats in China?

Today I have the pleasure to publish an interesting article kindly written by Rosanna Terminio, a fantastic person and Managing Partner at AsecorpChina. I hope you’ll enjoy it! “The environment in which companies are moving today is getting more complex, unpredictable and fast. In this new complexity human resources will become, more and more, a strategic asset of the […]