Over 30 years of international B2B sales

giol_book10This book answers three of the most important question about international sales.

Which are:

  1. How does sales change after globalization?
  2. Who is the Global Sales Leader?
  3. Which are the hard and soft skills you need to be leader in international sales today?

The purpose of this e-book is twofold: to present the modern way of sales and marketing by illustrating changes in behavior and practices; and to define the global sales leader, a profile for success in today’s business world.

I had 30 years of experiences on my back, and with this e-book I wanted to share it with you. I’m one of the most Italian expert in international sales, I built up successful industrial in business and consultancy in China and in other country. Therefore I resume the most important experiences I had in my professional life: the one that I learn by myself and the ones that I learned from colleagues directly in the field.

Now that the rise of globalization has changed all the process of sales and the change it self is the most important thing to consider if you want to succeed in business, the best thing you can do for your self and your business is to be ready to change, improve and keep up with the times.

Markets are changing, that’s a fact.

If you want to learn about the sales revolution and how to take advantage, if you want to learn the fundamentals of the new sales-marketing approach and if you want to discover the most used content marketing tactics and the best practices to build your personal brand you must read this ebook.

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